How to Find and Apply for Scholarship in India?

You may feel that the cost of continuing your education is out of control because college and university tuition is increasing annually. In actuality, the cost of attending a private institution rose by 129% and that of a public university by 213% between 1988 and 2017. For a public university, estimated annual tuition is $9,970; for a private university, it is $34,740.

Getting a scholarship is one of the finest ways to lessen the burden of paying for education. Not only can applying for scholarships help you save a ton of money on tuition, but it can also boost your self-confidence before you ever start college!

The good news is that almost every possibility is covered by a scholarship. The prospects for scholarships are endless, ranging from being left-handed to using your skills on the football field to creating a duct tape prom attire. The money you get from a scholarship is applied directly toward your college tuition (plus occasionally books and living expenses). Repayment of a scholarship award is never a concern.

How to Look for Scholarships

With the help of the numerous search engines and online resources made available to us by the internet, you can locate and apply for thousands of scholarships in a matter of minutes. We’re dissecting popular resources that you (as well as your parents!) can utilize to locate scholarships to apply for.

Scholarship-related websites

Websites for scholarships are frequently the first places to look. There are thousands upon thousands of scholarships available on these easy navigable websites. With easy sign-up options, filter options (such college major, gender, race, and school year), and search results tailored to each student’s unique profile, scholarship websites have significantly improved in the last few years.

The intense competition on scholarship websites is a drawback. Many of these websites include links to external, national scholarships, some of which are awarded through lottery. Some websites still list scholarship programs that have ended because they aren’t updated often enough or thoroughly reviewed.


A practical way to look for scholarships is through mobile apps and websites that are optimized for mobile devices. One big advantage is being able to apply while on the go and keep track of scholarships. Your search options are personalized by most apps. You may view scholarships you’re eligible to apply for, make a list of the universities and scholarships you love, and narrow down your scholarship search by using Going Merry’s mobile-friendly scholarship application. By early 2020, we’ll also be releasing mobile apps for iOS and Android!

Publications & Noticeboards

It’s important to consider using traditional search methods! You might find information on excellent local scholarships in the newspaper or on a bulletin board in your neighborhood. Look for newspapers or notice boards at community centers, cafes, schools, or places of worship. The advantage of these scholarships is that they are less well-known or have local requirements that you fulfill that may be absent from national applications.

How to Apply For Scholarship

Step 1: Look for Scholarships

You May Be Qualified for The difficult part of looking for scholarships to apply for is already done. Proceed to divide your search into scholarships based on merit and need. Need-based scholarships are only given to applicants who really need a little extra financial assistance, and they are dependent on your family’s or your own ability to pay for education. Scholarships that are merit-based are given to candidates according to their skills or accomplishments. They could have an emphasis on learning, the arts, or sports. Numerous situation-based scholarships are available, including ones for women, minorities, journalism majors, and gamers. Scholarships based on merit or need may be provided by private companies, people, or your college. Speak with the financial aid office at your university or the guidance counselor you had in high school.

Step 2: Locate and Comprehend the Application Guidelines

Since each scholarship application will call for you to submit a different set of documents or do a different set of duties, it is crucial to investigate the requirements for the scholarship you are applying for. The most typical paperwork and supplies required for a scholarship application are as follows: Application for Scholarship Make sure all the information is correct and complete the scholarship application section completely. (With Going Merry, we save you a ton of time by automatically filling out your scholarship application forms using the data on your profile.)

Third Step: Make a Calendar

Time is of the essence when applying for scholarships. It’s a good idea to start applying right away. Deadlines can ambush you without warning! List all the scholarships you would like to apply for, their deadlines, and the necessary paperwork and essays, either on paper or in an Excel sheet. Additionally, Going Merry gives an approximate time for every application.

To be ahead of the game, start your scholarship applications as early as possible. Some applications will ask you to produce a media piece, like a film that explains your merits for the scholarship. This can take a lot of time, particularly if you’re already occupied with schoolwork, classes, and occasionally extracurricular activities! You may submit your scholarship applications with confidence if you start early and give yourself enough time.

Step 4: Turn in Your Documents

The next stage in the scholarship application process is to simply submit your materials and paperwork once you’ve gathered them all. Make sure to verify the conditions since many scholarships demand online submissions, while others must be applied for by mail. Assuming you asked for a letter of recommendation, make sure the recommender is aware of the deadline. Additionally, give them a stamped envelope with the correct destination address or the email address.

Step 5: Be patient and check the status of your scholarships!

The majority of scholarships will indicate when you might anticipate hearing back. After submitting your scholarship, you can check its progress to make sure all the necessary information was included. Once your application has been submitted, relax and inhale deeply. As you wait to hear back from the scholarship sources, remain upbeat. Additionally, we advise you to maintain a well-organized record of all the scholarships you have applied for so you can calculate the total amount you have applied for. You can update this list once you receive the results of your scholarship application!

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